Outlook Express 4.0, 4.5 & 5.0

  1. Open the Mail Program

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Accounts

  4. Click on the Mail tab

  5. See what accounts are listed for mail.
  6. If there are accounts that are not used, delete them. They may cause a problem. If there is an account for CyberGate then Double click on the account name (its usually: pop.gate.net) to enter into the properties. {Click on General It will show: Name, Organization, Email Address. Click on Server It will show: Incoming mail, Outgoing mail, Account Name & Password. Fill these items in.}
  7. If there are no accounts for CyberGate then Click on ADD then Click MAIL.

  8. Fill in your Display Name (Mail User Full Name), Click on Next

  9. Fill in the Mail Users Email address for this account, Click on Next

  10. Fill in the Incoming mail server. (pop.gate.net), Fill in the Outgoing mail Server. (mailhost.gate.net), Click on Next

  11. Fill in the POP3 Account Name or logon user name, (username), Click on Next

  12. To ensure the program does not to prompt for a password, enter the password. If not leave it blank and it will ask every time it checks the mailbox,

  13. It will ask for a friendly name, leave it at pop.gate.net, Click next

  14. For connection type use "Connect using my Phone Line or Modem", Click Next

  15. It will ask how do you want connect, Use an existing dialup connection - select CyberGate, from the pull down menu. Click on Finish.

  16. Now there should be an account that reads pop.gate.net
  17. Double click on the pop.gate.net
  18. Select the Advanced tab
  19. In the center of the window you'll see Server timeout
  20. Drag the bar all the way to the right to 5 minutes
  21. You'll now be able to download larger mail files - click on OK
  22. Click Close to exit.

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