Windows Messaging

  1. Click on Tools Go to Services.
  2. Check to see if you have an Listing that says Internet Mail. Double Click on Internet mail. Goto Step 5.
  3. If you don't have a listing for Internet Mail, then Click on ADD.
  4. It shows up as services to Install. Double Click on Internet Mail.
  5. Fill in the MAIL USER Full Name.
  6. Fill in the MAIL USER Email Address. (
  7. Fill in the Internet Mail Server. (
  8. Account Name is your UserID (username)
  9. If you want the program not to prompt for a password, enter the password. If not leave it blank and it will prompt for it you every time you log on to access your mailbox.
  10. Click on Advanced Options.
  11. Fill in the Outgoing Mail Server Address ( the space that reads "forward all outbound mail to the following server."
  12. Click OK, Ok Again, Ok Again.

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