Using Windows 3.1, 95, 98, & NT to FTP

    Before you can transfer files to your account you will need an FTP program. This section contains screen shots of WS_FTP but any ftp program will do.

    Windows 98, 98 & NT:

    Windows 3.1/3.11:

    You must extract the zipped file to a directory and run the file WS_FTP32.EXE.

    Note: If you need the program to unzip this file or help with zip visit

    Once you run it, two screens should appear -- one on top of the other.
    The top screen should be something similar to this:

    Fill in the appropriate areas as follows:

  • Profile Name: The name you want to give for this particular connection (anything you want).

  • Host Name: Here you must put

  • User ID: Here you type in your login ID for CyberGate.

  • Password: Here the password corresponding to the login ID.

  • Leave all others blank and make sure you check Auto Save Config and click OK.

  • If everything is OK, the top screen should have disappeared leaving you the second screen exposed.

  • The top window represents your directories

    (you must place your files into the public_html directory) Double click on public_html to switch to that directory.

    To transfer files, highlight the appropriate file on the left side (your computer) and click on the arrow pointing to the right.

    You can then view those files at
    Note: When naming files or directories, please refrain from using the following 'illegal' characters: ~!@#$%^&*()_+ "spaces"

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