Setting Up Your Page Counter

    By popular request, CyberGate has installed a program to allow users to display a graphical representation of web page hits on their Homepage. Please note that CyberGate does NOT use the data from this program to track the amount of hits. This program will only display physical page access on whatever page you decide to put it on and NOT graphics and/or internal links. Basically it is meant for cosmetic purposes only.

    Instructions For Use

    1. Someplace in your index.html file, enter the following:
    <img src="| frgb=80;80;80|tr=0|trgb=0;0;0|wxh=15;20|md=5|dd=C| st=5|sh=1|df=username.dat" align=absmiddle>
    Note: Replace username.dat with your login name (e.g. stevesh.dat)
    Note: There can be NO spaces in between the data fields

    Until the data file is created, you will see a "broken image" icon, illustrated below:

    When the data file is created, you will then start seeing the counter operate:

    This page accessed Times.

    Counter Options

    The program has seven display options described below. Most of these options can be intermixed. To utilize these options, change the value of the fields shown below:

    ft=9 ft means frame thickness. If you want to wrap the counter with an ornamental frame, you define the thickness of the frame in pixels. This value can be any positive number more than 1. For a nice 3D effect, use a number more than 5. If you do not want a frame, just use ft=0.

    With Frame:
    No Frame:

    frgb=69;139;50 frgb defines the color of the frame. The valid range for each component is greater than 0 and less than 255. The components must be seperated by a ; character. Note even if you define ft=0 these components must be present, just use 0;0;0 in that case.

    Grey Frame:
    Pink Frame:

    tr=0 tr defines if you want transparency in the counter image. In the default (tr=0), the image will not be transparent. If you want a transparent image, define tr=1. Note that the program does not care if your digits are transparent GIF's or not. You must tell explicitly which color you make transparent.


    trgb=0;0;0 If tr=1 then the black color in the image will become transparent. Here 0;0;0 are the red, green and blue components of the color you want to make transparent.
    wxh=15;20 wxh string defines the width and height of an individual digit image. Each digit must have the same width and height.
    md=6 md defines the maximum number of digits to display. It can be greater than 5 but less than 10. If your counter number is less than md, the left digits will be padded with zeros. Here, md=6 means display the counter with maximum of 6 digits. If you do not want to left pad with zeros, use pad=0 instead of md=6. If you use this, the digits will be displayed without the zeros.
    dd=A dd means digit directory. A indicates directory A. There are 4 digit directories, A-D. Note that only the style of the digits can be changed, not the color.

    A Directory:

    B Directory:

    C Directory:

    D Directory:

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