Setting Up Your Web Page Forms Processors

    CyberGate has also installed a generic form processor to be used by it's members. When used properly, this program will accept the input on the form, parse it, and display in HTML format the information entered on the form. It will also E-Mail the information entered to the recipient in a readable format.

    Note: This program is a simple forms processor and cannot be tailored for individual needs such as checking for fields not completed, different responses upon submission....etc.

    Instructions For Use

    • Someplace in your form (normally at the top), insert the following:


    • The following line is necessary to send you the form input:

      • <input type=hidden name="recipient" value="">

        Note: Replace username with your login name.

    • From here on you can have any other fields on the form that you wish. Make sure you include a <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT> line, or your form won't be sent!

      Below are a few options you may wish to include on your form:

      • subject - This will relay the subject of your form to the script. You should also use a hidden type for this:

        <input type=hidden name="subject" value="Replace This Text With Your Subject">

      • email - This is the remote users email address. Helpful if you want to be able to reply. Use a regular text input for this one.

        <input type=text name="email">

        This allows the user to input their email address.

      • realname - This one tells you the remote users real name. Nice to have added to your e-mail message. Use a regular text field for this one also.

        <input type=text name="realname">

        This allows the user to input their name.

      • redirect - This variable should only be used if you want to direct the user to a different URL when they are done completing the form. The type should be hidden.

        <input type=hidden name="redirect" value="http://your.address/to/file.html">

        This overrides the default page that displays what the user submitted.

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