Setting up a Homepage Using a Shell Account

    How To Log In To Your Shell Account
    This page explains the basics of creating a home page on CyberGate. Please follow each step carefully and in order.

    CyberGate does not offer technical support on HTML or UNIX so please do not call tech support but refer to these pages.

    *Please be sure to press your "Enter" key after typing each command.

    Step #1
    Log into your shell account.

    Step #2
    Create a directory called public_html in your home directory.
    Once logged into your shell account type the following line to create your public_html directory.

    mkdir public_html

    Step #3
    Make public_html directory accessible to users on the web.
    Unix operating systems allow you to set permissions on directories and files that control who can access which files on the system. In order for users of the web to be able to view your web pages, you must allow them access to the area in which they are stored. To do this, you MUST type the following lines while in your home directory. The first line is a command that moves you from ANY directory you may be in to YOUR home directory. The following commands set the permissions on your home directory and public_html directory to allow users access to your web pages.

    cd ~

    chmod 755

    chmod 755 public_html

    Step #4
    Transfer your web pages to your public_html directory.
    Your home page MUST reside in your public_html directory and it MUST be named index.htmL

    Step #5
    Make your web pages accessible to users on the web.
    To allow users to access your web pages type the following lines. The first line will move you from ANY directory you may be in to YOUR public_html directory. The second line sets the permissions on the files in your public_html directory making them READABLE by anyone. Please note that they are READABLE only. You will still be the only person who can change, delete or add to them.

    cd ~/public_html

    chmod 644 *

    Your web pages are now accessible to anyone with access to the Web. Remember the address to your index.html file is as follows (where "userid" should be replaced by your login name)"userid"

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