NetObjects Fusion 4.x:
Basic Information

The following is a compilation of information on using NetObjects Fusion on your Web server.

NetObjects Fusion is a state-of-the-art website building and management tool that helps to simplify the creation, uploading, and website management process. In a nutshell, there are 2 major components in the NetObjects program. First is the NetObjects site creation tool which is used to design and create your website. Second is the NetObjects site upload tool which is used to upload your web pages.

When you are ready to publish your site there are three pieces of information that you will need to have on hand to publish to your web space:
1.) Your domain name or IP Address. (You will need to use your IP Address for the first couple days while your domain name becomes effective throughout the Internet.) 2.) Your account username. 3.) Your account password.

Managing Your Site With NetObjects Fusion

The following screen-shots will guide you in publishing your site, and also in remotely opening your already published site for editing.

To Publish Your Website To Your Web Server:

Open your website in NetObjects Fusion, then click on the "Publish" icon on the Tool Bar, then click the "Setup" icon.

Here on the Directory Structure tab select the same settings.
Now click on the "HTML Output" tab.

Here select the same settings, then click the "Advanced" button.

Here on the "Formatting" tab, select the same settings then click on the "HTML Generation" tab.

Here on the "HTML Generation" tab select the same settings and click "OK".

Click on the "Server Locations" tab and select "ADD"

Type in a "Server Name". It can be your account userid or domain name.
Type in or just your IP Address.
Type in your account username and password.
Click the "Advanced" button.

If you want to upload CGI scripts that your site is using, type in your CGI alias.
You can get this from your account Control Panel in the Site Information area in Site Utilities. The alias is referred to as the CGI Directory. Make sure you end the alias with a "/" just like in the example below, then click "OK". Click "OK" again and you are ready to publish.

When you click the "Publish" button at the top of NOF, you will see the window below. Click "OK" and you may be asked for the password. Type in the password and click "OK".
Thats it!

For additional information on publishing with NetObjects Fusion please visit:
NetObjects Help Site
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