IBM NetObjects TopPage:
Basic Information

What if creating exciting, high-quality, lively web pages suddenly became as easy as using your 
favorite word processor? Now it is! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, TopPage gives you 
the capability to build lively pages with state-of-the-art web technology. TopPage brings together 
everything you need to build pages and publish your site in one package. 

:Design in Minutes 
:Create professional-looking web pages in minutes without programming! 
:Pep up your pages 
:Bring your web pages to life with your own titles, logos, animated images! 
:Publish and manage your site easily and efficiently! 
:Easily publish your site. Efficiently manage your site. 
:And much more! 

Minimum system requirements 

:OS Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0
:CPU  (Intel version, US English) 
:Pentium processor (166MHz or higher recommended) 
:Hard disk Hard disk space will vary depending on the volume of data installed. 
:Minimum configuration: 30MB
:Standard configuration: 120MB 
:Memory: 16MB (32MB or more recommended) 
:CD-ROM drive: Microsoft Windows-compatible double-speed CD-ROM drive (required when installed from a CD) 

Visit the Official Top Page site by clicking Here

You can download the TopPage "Getting started with TopPage" guide (pdf format)
by clicking Here

You can download the TopPage "TopPage User's Guide" (pdf format) 
by clicking Here

Publishing Your Website With TopPage

The following screen-shots will guide you in the publishing of your website to the web server.

First open your site that you want to publish to the web server.

Once your site is open, click on the "Site" drop-down menu, then select "File Transfer" and then "Site Upload".

Select "Create A Profile", and type in any name for your profile that you want.

Your host name is either or just your IP Address.

Your "Source Root Folder" is usually the folder in which your sites' "index.html" file is found.

Leave the "Destination Root Folder" blank.

If your site has any text files that have an extension that does not appear in the "Text Mode List", then you will need to add the extension to the "Text Mode List" via the "Extension To Add" widget. In most cases you will not have to modify the "Text Mode List"

Do not modify anything in this window when you first publish.

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