Setting Up Your Homepage

This section is designed to provide information on setting up a CyberGate web page for users with a premium account. It gives tips on ftp, where to put the html files, what to name your first file, and more! If you have any tips you would like to see added to this page please feel free to submit them.

    The Basics

    When you open a Premium Analog Account, it also enables you to publish your own home page on the World Wide Web at no extra cost! Our Premium Analog Account gives you 10 MB of disk space on our server for storing your e-mail and your home pages. This section provides you with instructions on how to place your home page files into your directory on CyberGate's servers. Once your pages are on our servers, they will be accessible to Internet users all over the world! Although we cannot teach you how to design and construct your pages, this section does include some helpful information about features you may want to include. If you would like to learn more about creating your home page, visit your local bookstore. There are many excellent reference books about coding and designing web pages. Review the instruction links below to get your home page up and running in no time:

  Setting Up Your Homepage

Shell Account Customers Using UNIX
PPP Account Customers Using FTP
Setting Up Your Page Counter
Setting Up Your Web Page Form Processor
Setting Up Your Web Guestbook

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