Mall Settings Miva 1.26

Most Miva Merchant problems can be corrected by going over the Mall and Store settings. To get to the Store and Mall settings, go to: and login with your Miva user name and password. Note: 'M' is capitalized in Merchant

Mall Settings


Click on "Mall Settings" on the left.

The following Mall settings should be set for every customer using Miva. Replace with their domain and enter the rest as shown unless noted.

The Owner's zip code should be 5 digits, not 9. The UPS module will not work

correctly if there are 9 digits in the zip code.

Non-secure URL to Miva Merchant:

Secure URL to Miva Merchant:

Secure URL to Administration:

Root Directory for Graphics:


Base URL for Graphics:

Secure Base URL for Graphics:

User Interface:

Miva Merchant Look & Feel

All of the other settings on this page are for graphics and can be edited however the owner prefers.

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