Modules Miva 1.26

This module helps the customer calculate shipping and handling charges to their products by adding the set amount to the total cost of each item. When you set the definitive amount for shipping it must be in decimal format. (i.e. 5.00 and not 5) In order to install this module you must log on to the admin portion of their Miva. Then you must go into the MODULES section. In there you must select ADD MODULE. Then it is going to ask you if the file is already on server or upload file. Select upload file and then choose BROWSE. Locate the file, select it then click on add.

Upon doing so you are going to want to click on STORE then go down and click on SHIPPING MODULES go directly to add shipping module and select the corresponding module. UPS Online Shipping Calculation Module. Once completed then you have only to select the option you prefer and set the amount for the shipping.

To download the file from this site using IE 4.0/5.0 just right click on and select save target as. If using Netscape 3.0/+ you must right click on the link and choose the save link as option.



This Module allows customer to input their 5 digit zip code plus the for digit postal code.

33065-0000 and still allows UPS to process shipping...

Download Here: UPS2

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