Store Settings Miva 1.26

Click on the triangle next to "Stores" and then click on your "Store Name".

There are usually only a few things in the Store settings that will cause you problems.

Make sure the following settings are specified. Mixed results can occur if they are not.

Again, the Owner's zip code should be 5 digits, not 9. The UPS module will not

work correctly if there are 9 digits in the zip code.

Tax Module:

State Based Sales Tax

Currency Module:

US Currency Formatting

User Interface:

Miva Merchant Look & Feel

Most of the other settings are for graphics. Make sure the "Root directory for Graphics"
as well as the "Base URL for Graphics" and "Secure Base URL for Graphics" are specified correctly in the Mall settings.

The following graphics are set up by default. The owner may change any of these

to a custom graphic.

Navigation Bar Logo Image:


Navigation Bar Mall Front Image:


Navigation Bar Store Front Image:


Navigation Bar Search Image:


Navigation Bar Product List Image:


Navigation Bar Basket Contents Image:


Navigation Bar Checkout Image:


Product List/Search "Add One To Basket" Button:


Product List/Search "Buy One Now" Button:


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