Miva Merchant Support

For first-hand Miva Merchant Support, please Click here to go to The Official Miva Support Website.

The following information was compiled in order to assist you in the set up of your Miva Merchant Store.

Miva Security upgrade information

Miva Setup Information

Miva 1.26 and below:
Miva Mall Settings
Miva Store Settings
Miva Known Errors
Miva Modules
Importing Flat Files
Miva Troubleshooting.

Miva 2.13 Information:
Miva Merchant Version 2.13 setup
Importing Flat Files

More 2.13 Coming!

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The Official Miva Manuals - These manuals contain complete documentation with information about installation and configuration of your Miva Merchant software. Also included are step-by-step instructions on how to build and maintain an online storefront with all of the new features of Miva Merchant, including how to use the administrative interface.

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