Modem - Shotgun Technology

CyberGate does NOT SUPPORT ShotGun Technology, which is the ability to use 2 modems to connect to one account and theoretically increase your “bandwidth”.

If you would like to try to connect using the technology, the steps below have been found to work for some customers:

1. Call our Customer Service Department to upgrade your account to dual-channel ISDN so you can attempt two (2) simultaneous log ins.
2. Have 2 phone lines
3. Have 2 modems (for best results they should be identical)
4. In Win98, in DUN, click on Multiple Devices

Again, CyberGate does not provide technical support on this type of connection. We cannot guarantee that it will work. Additionally, please be advised that the ISDN setup fee ($25.00) is non-refundable.

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