K-56 Flex to V.90

   Welcome to the NetHelper V.90 upgrade page.  There are presently two competing technologies for 56K digital modems.  X2 developed by U.S. Robotics/3COM and K-56 Flex from Rockwell and Lucent Technologies.  Although these two technologies both achieve a 56k connection, they are very different from each other.

   CyberGate, Inc. utilizes X2 modems, which have all been upgraded to V.90 to provide cross-compatibility with K-56 Flex modems upgraded to V.90.  If you are experiencing difficulty making a connection to CyberGate with a K-56 Flex modem, you should make sure that it has been upgraded to V.90 and that you have installed the latest V.90 modem drivers from your modem manufacturer.  Early editions of many modem drivers were sometimes ineffective but you should have no trouble connecting with the latest drivers.  In general, your V.90 modem drivers should be no more than one year old. If your modem drivers or flash code is more than one year old, you may experience problems connecting to Internet Service Providers running the latest V.90 code.

NOTE: CyberGate is a partner with 3COM Inc., so you can be assured that CyberGate is using the newest V.90 code available.

   The following pages will help you determine what steps need to be taken to achieve a V.90 connection.

    For information about specific models of modems go to our specific modem page.

   For information about on upgrading a 56-K Flex based modem to V.90, or to verify that your K-56 Flex based modem is using the newest modem driver, please continue to our K-56 Flex to V.90 upgrades page.

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