To configure your WebTV to connect to CyberGate/E.spire,
please use the following settings:

Note: If you do not have the "Use your ISP" option below, contact Customer Care at 1-800-GO-WEBTV to activate OpenISP. 

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Enter the following information:

                         Service Provider Name : CyberGate 
                         Login name : (Replace "username" with YOUR account username.) 
                         Password : Your password, in all lower case letters 
                         Modem dial-in number : Click here to see a list of local access numbers. 
                         Backup number : use the same number as in the modem dial in number. 

If you already use a WebTV connection and now want to change your ISP from WebTV to CyberGate you may find that in order to change the settings you first must logon to WebTV under your Master Screen Name, then: 

  • 1.) Click on SETTINGS
  • 2.) Click on DIALING
  • 3.) Click on USE AN ISP
  • 4.) Click on SIGN UP NOW
  • 5.) ISP NAME: CyberGate
  • 6.) PHONE NUMBER: (The access phone number we gave you.)
  • 7.) BACKUP PHONE: (Same as above.)
  • 8.) USER NAME: (Replace yourusername with YOUR account username.)
  • 9.) PASSWORD: Type your account password twice.
  • 10.) Confirm settings by clicking CONTINUE.
  • 11.) Your internet terminal needs to reconnect for your changes to take effect. 

       Click CONTINUE to complete the process.


Additional WebTV Information

What kind of modems do WebTV Internet Devices use? 

MAT976A1 Philips WebTV Plus 
56kbps Flex Modem 

MAT965A1 Philips WebTV Classic 
56kbps v.90bis 

MAT960A1 Philips WebTV Internet Unit 
33.6kbps v.34bis modem 

INT-W200 Sony 
56kbps Rockwell Flex modem 

INT-W100 Sony 
33.6kbps v.34bis Modem 

Mitsubishi WB-2001 WebTV Plus Receiver 
56k Rockwell K56 Flex Modem 



WebTV has a built in option that allows you to retrieve mail from another email account other than a WebTV email account. The feature is called Remote Mail and is set up in the following manner:

1.) Sign on to WebTV under the screen name that you want to activate Remote Mail in.
2.) Click on MAIL.
3.) Click on SETTINGS.
4.) Click on REMOTE MAIL.
5.) Click on CONTINUE.
6.) Enter the following information:
a.) POP3 USERNAME: (Your CyberGate username)
b.) POP3 PASSWORD: (Your CyberGate password)
7.) Check or uncheck LEAVE MESSAGES ON SERVER.
8.) Click CONTINUE
9.) Click DONE
10.) Click DONE again
11.) You now have a FETCH button on your mail window (the same window from which you compose your email).
12.) Now simply click on FETCH and it will retrieve your remote mail.