Miva 1.26 Trouble-Shooting FAQs

I checked the root directory for my graphics and it looks okay. However, the Miva graphics are not loading on my web site. What am I doing wrong?
Your base URL for graphics is probably set wrong. By default, it should be set to "http://www.yourdomain.com/Merchant/" If you check the URL of the graphics, they should look like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/Merchant/graphics/mmui/prodlist.gif The same thing is probably true for any custom background graphic that you may be using. Changing the root directory to "/Merchant/" should solve this as well.
I can add items to the basket and can view the contents of the basket, but if I want to 'Buy 1 Now' or 'Check Out' after viewing the contents of the basket, it will give this error message at checkout: "...cannot connect with the site http://mysite.com/Merchant/merchant.mv?Session_ID=(...)." What do I need to do?
You are probably not calling your secure certificate correctly. If you have a secure certificate through your IHP then you probably need to use the server name and specify your site name in the path after this.(i.e. https://yourihpssecureserver/mysite/Merchant/merchant.mv? )
I have placed several test orders. Why do I not receive e-mail notification?
Two possible causes:
First, you may not have a valid mail server setup in the fulfillment module. Check with your host to find out what should go there.
Second, the mail server is filtering out messages with the same address in the from/to fields. Use a different e-mail address when placing test orders. Something like 'testorders@yourmailserver.com' works well.
I need to delete a shipping module from a store. I get the message that this module is in use by one or more orders. I batched all orders and deleted them and it still will not delete. How do I delete this from my store?
In your store, delete the expired shopping carts, and pack the data in the 'Mall.' Then pack the data in the 'Store,' and it should work. Also, you need to make sure you remove it from the 'Store' and not delete it from the list of Modules.
I have not gone live with my store yet and am only testing it out. I plan on telling my customers to refer to their order numbers when I go live. However, it appears that Merchant is reusing order numbers after they are batched and processed. How can I do that if Merchant is going to reuse them?
Order numbers should not be re-used. Please verify that the order numbers are really duplicates and not just out of order. Baskets that were not completed are orphaned and will be reused later after you "delete expired shopping baskets" in the admin.mv area.
When trying to check out of my store, it gives you a 'Ship to' list, and a 'Bill to' form. Under the 'Ship to' form, at the very bottom, is a drop-down list that says to "Select one." However, there is nothing to select and because of this it will not let you check out. What is wrong?
This is probably from using the 'Shopper Selected Sales Tax' module with no options entered. You can either enter some options for this module, or use the 'State Based Sales Tax' module and only enter a tax rate for the states or areas that need to be charged tax.
Clicking "Buy One Now" while produces a blank screen. A 'View Source' reveals a strange error message - something about "Error opening lib/db.mv..."
Paths to modules have not been properly specified in your admin. Expand the 'Modules' section of your admin's margin menu, then select "Module Paths." Make sure that the path entered for your '/Merchant/' directory is correct (e.g. This is usually "/Modules/" in a standard installation).

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